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Software Testing Lead helps software testers and developers to read about software testing, security testing and latest testing news.


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Qase.io has raised $500k - News

Qase.io has raised $500k seed funds To Enhance

The significance of software testing in the technology industry cannot be overlooked.

Outsourced Software Testing

Drawbacks of Outsourced Software Testing

To source, or to not outsource? A standard perplexity faced by organizations

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PS-5 is getting a beta program to

Sony is opening up a beta test program for PlayStation

PS5 System Software

Sign Up for the First PS5 System

Since the launch of PS5, our teams have been working

Between Covid-19 and Software Testing

Similarities Between Covid-19 and Software Testing

As the Covid-19 pandemic has spread quickly across the globe

Inspired Testing appoints

Inspired Testing appoints Ben Tyler to oversee

Global software testing company Inspired Testing has appointed former Olenick director Ben