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Software Testing Lead helps software testers and developers to read about software testing, security testing and latest testing news.


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Performance Testing Companies

Top 16 Performance Testing Companies For 2023 Around

Performance testing is a streamlined procedure of examining the resource consumptions, scalability,

Time for Software Testing

Tips for Estimating the Time for Software Testing

There are many important phases of a project, including the planning phase.

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Beta Testing Program

Transformation In Apple’s iOS Beta Testing Program

Apple uses a developer beta testing program for its software

WhatsApp Is Beginning Beta Testing

WhatsApp Is Beginning Beta Testing With 1,024

WhatsApp has been reportedly engaged on change the cluster chat

API Security Testing

Traceable AI Is Launching Its API Security

Traceable AI, the industry’s leading API security and Observability Company,

Open-source Vs. Licensed Software Testing Tool

Open-source Vs. Licensed Software Testing Tool-How to

Testing tools are apps that support a big range of